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So, you are on this site, 'cause you want to know what my favourite musicians are, right?Ok then I'll begin to present you some of the best bands or singers ever!

Lets start with the fab four, the famous Beatles:

The Beatles was an R 'n B group with 4 members, John Lennon, Sir Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. They startet in the late 50ies in Liverpool (one of the nicest cities ever!), in 1963 they had their first Nr 1, Please Please Me. After this they had a lot of other Nr 1 hits, the most famous are Let It Be, Yellow Submarine and Yesterday! In 1970 the Beatles made solo projects and were not a band anymore! On the 8th December 1980 John Lennon was murdered, George Harrison died in 2001, Sir Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr are still alive! A lot of people still like the music of the Beatles... www.beatles.com

The next Band is from Ireland, I think in this times everyone knows them:U2:

U2 is at the moment the most popular Rockgroup worldwide.U2 are Bono Vox, The Edge, Larry Mullen Jr., Adam Clayton.U2 startet in 1976 in Dublin, Ireland. The most famous Songs are With Or Without You, Beautiful Day and Vertigo.The Band won 1987 their first Grammy and since then they won 22 Grammys. www.u2.com

Now comes a Metal Group:I think you'll know them: Metallica

Metallica was the most popular Band worldwide of the 90ies!The members are James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammet and Robert Trujillo. The Band is still popular and most albums were on Nr 1 in many countries... www.metallica.com


The next group you might don't know, 'cause they're from Germany:Fettes Brot

Fettes Brot are Koenig Boris, Schiffmeister and Doktor Renz.They are from Hamburg and bagan in 1992. Fettes Brot makes German Hip Hop and the Music is very good. The most famous Songs are Jein and Emmanuela! www.fettesbrot.de


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